“Contempt of Court” – Case CROCP Cr. No. 12 of 2014 – What is it?


The so called “Contempt of Court” – Step by Step         

    • Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj has been framed in many false cases. Out of those, one case (198/2006) pertains to the dispute of Karontha Ashram.
    • In this case, on date 12-02-2014, Session Judge Rohtak granted “Permanent Exemption from Appearance”. Then on 06-06-2014, the Session Judge himself cancelled the Exemption from Appearance in court and ordered Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj to appear in court on 14-07-2014.
    • As per the orders of the Court, Sant Rampal Ji registered his presence via the means of video conferencing room in Hisar Court.
    • Members of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti (RSSS) held a demonstration against corruption in Rohtak and Hisar, and appointed some youth commandos to provide protection to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.
    • Superintendent of Police (SP) Hisar also testified that nothing unlawful was done by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj or the members of RSSS.
    • On 22-07-2014 a double bench of High Court Judges (Honourable Rajive Bhalla and Amol Ratan Singh) framed a case of Contempt of Court (CROCP Cr. No. 12/2014) and ordered Sant Rampal Ji to present his side either himself or via an affidavit through his counsel.
    • Sant Rampal Ji made clear via an affidavit that he did not call any disciple to come to Hisar or Rohtak. Rather they had come themselves to get his audience. Over there whatever demonstration was held, was done by RSSS which was being led by Master Ram Kumar Dhaka.
    • High Court ordered President of RSSS to present his side by appearing in the court. RSSS President clarified in an affidavit that the demonstration against corruption that was held in Rohtak and Hisar, and the decision of arrangement of security that was done by the members of RSSS was achieved unanimously by the mutual consent of all 10 lakh members.

Even then we did not do anything unlawful in Rohtak and Hisar which would constitute contempt of court.

    • On 24-09-2014, a double bench (Judge Rajive Bhalla and Judge Surender Gupta) of High Court passed an order that names and addresses of all those who took the decision in the meeting and did demonstration in Rohtak and Hisar be submitted in the court within 3 days and also ordered Sant Rampal Ji, President of RSSS Ram Kumar Dhaka, Dr O.P. Hooda and members of RSSS to appear in the court.
    • On Date 29-09-2014 RSSS President Ram Kumar Dhaka submitted a list of approximately 1 lakh members of RSSS to the Honourable High Court and took an acknowledgement receipt.
    • Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti informed the Chandigarh administration via correspondence that as per order CROCP Cr. No. 12 of 2014 Dated 24-09-2014 of the court, one lakh members will appear in the court on 5-11-2014. You may make arrangements for our stay. The proof of acknowledgement of the submission of a copy of this order of the court and the names of one lakh members was also attached with the application.
    • During this, an order from the Registrar of the High Court came to the President of RSSS that the High Court has given me an order to request you as follows. You (President, RSSS) may submit a list of the Executive Members of your organisation and their addresses in the court so that a notice can be sent to them.
    • On date 30-10-2014, President of RSSS, Ram kumar Dhaka, submitted a list of 11100 (eleven thousand one hundred) executive members along with their full address to the Honourable High Court and took a receipt.
    • On date 29-10-2014, the Chandigarh administration filed an application in the court that as per court’s order CROCP Cr. No. 12 of 2014 Dated 24-09-2014, the members of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti that have been summoned/bound to appear before the court, they are approximately one lakh in number. We will not be able to make arrangement of stay of so many people. Kindly, consider the order again.
    • On date 30-10-2014, after reconsideration on the application of the Chandigarh administration, the order was changed and only the Executive Members were ordered to appear before the court. On date 31-10-2014, the court sent an order to Sant Rampal Das ji that only the Executive Members of RSSS will appear before the court and no one else. It clearly implies that even Sant Rampal ji does not have to come to court on date 5-11-2014. (Ordering authority Rajive Bhalla, Double Bench of Judges)
    • The Chandigarh administration then again filed an application in High Court on 3-11-2014 that the date 5-11-2014 be extended as there is less time left. As per the order of the court, the members of RSSS will come in large numbers and in this short period of time, it will not be possible for the police to make any arrangements. On the same day, on date 3-11-2014, hearing the plea in the evening, Judge M. Jeyapaul of the Double Bench, stated in the order CROCP Cr. No. 12 of 2014 Dated 3-11-2014 that only the Executive Members will appear in the court on 5-11-2014.
    • On date 4-11-2014, again the same Bench (of Judge M. Jeyapaul) ordered that only Baba Rampal, President Ram kumar Dhaka and Dr. O.P. Hooda will appear in the court on 5-11-2014.
    • As per the previous order 24-09-2014, one lakh members reached on 5-11-2014 to appear before the court because they had no information about the next order.
    • On date 24-09-2014, an application was filed for exemption from appearance in court due to ill-health; on date 05-11-2014 even the Doctor appeared in the court and said that Sant Rampal ji is unwell; nevertheless no exemption was given. Non-bailable warrants were issued against Sant Rampal ji Maharaj.

Conclusion :- It becomes clear from the above mentioned events that the Mr. Judge instead of issuing judgements as per law, are issuing judgements as per their whims, which is condemnable.

    • As per the order of case no. CROCP Cr. No. 12 of 2014 Dated 24-09-2014, Sant Rampal ji, President Ram kumar Dhaka and all the members of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti are all guilty. They should all appear in the court.
    • In order dated 30-10-2014, only 11100 (eleven thousand one hundred) Executive Members are guilty; only they should appear in the court. Rest Sant Rampal ji Maharaj and Ram kumar Dhaka have not committed any offence.
    • In order dated 03-11-2014 also, only Executive Members are guilty. One lakh members have been acquitted.
    • In order dated 04-11-2014, 11100 (eleven thousand one hundred) have been acquitted. Only Sant Rampal ji and President Ram kumar Dhaka and Dr. O.P. Hooda are guilty. Even the Executive Members have been acquitted.

Well done, Judges! Your Tughlaki orders! Judges of such mentality only have defamed the Judiciary.

  • There is a law that Court cannot change its order, which has clearly been violated.

The High Court states: –

RSSS has disciples of Sant Rampal ji. If Sant Rampal forbids them, then they will obey him.

Answer: Sant Rampal ji also has followers in politics, on other government posts and some are doing their own business. If they commit any mistake, then will Sant Rampal ji Maharaj be guilty?

    • A loop of rope has been made. Whomever it fits, will be hanged.

Reason behind this: – We have written three books: –

These books expose the corruption in our Judiciary and give an account of unjust, corrupt actions of some Judges.

1. Sach Banaam Jhooth, 

2. Nyayalay Ki Girti Garima, 

3. Bhrasht Judge Kumarg Par.

They are taking their grudge out due to these.

 What do we want? Human Welfare

1. There should be clean and just judiciary.

2. The law for the accountability of the Judges should be passed as soon as possible.

3. The judges, administrative officials and the chief minister about whom we have complained, they should be investigated and a legal action should be taken against them.

We have sent these via three letters aka books to the honourable people of India. We are extremely sorry to say that till today 04-11-2014, no action has been taken. Is this a misfortune of the country or the shamelessness or dogma of a handful corrupt judges, politicians and administrative officials on eminent posts? The letters aka books through which the information has been given and an appeal has been made are : – 1. “Sach Banaam Jhooth” 2. “Nyayalya Ki Girti Garima” 3. “Bhrasht Judge Kumarg Par” (Corrupt Judges on Wrong Path)

4. An investigation should be made in the wrongdoings of the Unjust Former Chief Minister of Haryana, Bhupinder Singh Hooda. At first, he should be put in jail; otherwise, he can influence the investigation through corruption.

5. We also want that all the human beings, on becoming free from addictions and vices should do bhakti and make their human life successful.

6. False case no. 198/2006 Dated-12-07-2006 P.S. Sadar Rohtak Haryana should be scrapped.

7. False case no. 446/2006 Dated-21-07-2006 P.S. City Rohtak Haryana should be scrapped.

8. False case no. CROCP Cr. No. 12 of 2014 should be scrapped, and legal action should be taken against those who have fabricated these cases.

Thank you

President & All the members of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti

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