Duties of RSSS


To exterminate the vices mentioned in the “objectives page” from the society, we have to make the following efforts:-

  • To stop corruption, applications to enact strict laws be written to the government through correspondence. Your own suggestions should also be given.

An army is deployed at the border of the country. If some miscreants cross the border of the country, then the army fights with them and drives them away. The army fights, even if lives are lost in it.

Likewise, Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti has to function. Our fight will not be with sticks or bullets. Our struggle will occur under the law in a constitutional manner. We can not kill anyone because the infiltrator (corrupt person) is not a foreigner. These are our own people, our brothers-sisters and elderly.

If the government does not directly agree to enact strict and effective laws, then even if we have to go to jail for it or have to even give our lives for the welfare of the society, then we will not retreat from being martyred for benevolence.

Kabir, tarvar (tree) sarvar (lake) sant jan, chautha barash mehe

parmarth ke kaarne chaaron dhaarein deh

Kabir, nar sansari lagan mein, sukh dukh sahein karora

Guru sharan aur parmaarth mein, jo sah so thoda

Besides, we have to also make the human society and the government officers, workers, politicians, judges and the ministers etc-etc familiar with the spiritual knowledge which is the law of God. We have to propagate the book “Gyan Ganga” for that.

We have to propagate the D.V.D.s of the sermons in the society. We have to help the helpless and poor people. To make them lead a fearless life in the society, we have to endeavour to make whatever reforms are possible in the society, administration, judicial system and politics.

  • Whoever is afraid of the struggle for benevolence, he/she should not become a member of this committee.

  • For benevolence, one can donate the organs of one’s body after death.

  • By donating blood, help the ill and the injured.