Objectives of RSSS

(हिन्दी )

Aims of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti

Our Race is Living being, Mankind is our Religion

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate Religion

1. Human Solidarity

To endeavour to tie the divided human beings in one string through spiritual knowledge

Aatm praan uddhaar heen, aisa dharm nahin aur

Koti ashvamegh yagya, sakal samana bhaur

Jeev uddhaar param punya, aisa karm nahin aur

Marusthal ke mrig jyon, sab mar gaye daur-daur

The Key to Human Solidarity is Religious and Spiritual Solidarity

Interpretation:- The human society has become divided on the basis of religiousness. Due to the way of worship currently prevalent in the Hindu society for attaining the benefit of God, people are called Hindus.

Similarly, religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism were born. If we will not understand the real essence of spirituality, then many religions are going to arise. For instance, (a) Radha Soami (b) A branch of this only – “Dhan-Dhan Satguru Sirsa” (c) Nirankari. All these are also firm claiming their way of worship and religiousness to be superior to others. After some time, taking the form of a religion, they will become a new front for the human society to fight and die.

Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj has properly understood the chapter of religion and spirituality. He has explained that –

Jeev Hamaari Jaati hai, Manav dharm hamara

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai, dharm nahin koyi nyara

(Our Race is Living being, Humanity is our Religion,

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate Religion)

Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj properly understood the holy texts of all the religions and the way of worship prevalent at present. He found that the holy texts are right, but, because of not properly understanding the holy texts, contrary way of worship is being followed. When the way of worship will become in accordance with the holy texts, then we will all get tied in one string, and “Humanity” will become our religion, of which there is a dire need in the present time. For that, read the knowledge of Book “Gyan Ganga”. All the doubts will be resolved that whose way of worship is in accordance with the scriptures and whose is against? To obtain the book, please S.M.S. your full address on the following contact numbers.

Contact on: 8684900300, 8684900400, 8685000300

2. Social Service is National Service:-

Like an army serves at the border for national security, likewise the Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti will protect from the termites infesting inside the nation. Termites are insects which destroy the wood and make wooden batons hollow and weak from inside. As a result of which, the roof of the house collapses. Even the members of the house die by getting buried underneath. Similarly, the following termite is making the nation hollow and weak.

  • Corruption:-

The corruption-like termite is making the nation hollow and weak. The aim is to take steps to prevent it.

3. Civility:-

Civility has almost disappeared.

Example: – When a person goes to an office in relation to a work, a 25-30 years old officer or worker treats a 50 or 60 years old person like a dog standing at the door.

The British used to use this weapon of rudeness. The same weapon is being used even after 68 years of Indian independence. This is not civility. This is indecent behaviour. This should be stopped. Work should be done according to the law, but with civility.

Behave decently and politely with mother-father, mother and father-in-law, relatives and guests. A mother-in-law forgets that she was also a daughter-in-law at one stage. Due to this, disputes arise. A daughter-in-law should also understand that just as she respects her biological mother, she should also show respect to her mother-in-law. The biological mother was only her companion for 18 years. Now she has to spend a long life with the mother-in-law. Do not make it hell. For more solutions, read book “Gyan Ganga”.

4. De-Addiction (from alcohol, tobacco, hemp, poppy husk, cannabis, opium and other intoxicants).

5. To stop taking and giving dowry in marriage.

What can be a greater dowry than someone giving their daughter to you after bringing her up for 18 years? Therefore, neither one has to take nor give dowry in a marriage. If someone demands dowry, do not even discuss about marriage with them again. Wherever God has destined, marriage will definitely take place there. No power can stop it.

6. Attire: –

Fashion should not be like that of western countries.

To cover the body, clothes are a symbol of civilisation of human society. Except a human being, all other living beings remain naked. Except dogs-monkeys, God has given tails and hair to other living beings to cover their private parts. God has also given hair to human beings. God has granted more intellect to a human being due to which a human being used clothes. The current increase in the prevalence of the western clothing is not that of a civilised society. It has become customary to keep majority of the parts of the body naked. Those people who do not perform the true way of worship of God, this desire of theirs will get fulfilled in the next life of a dog or a monkey.

  • At present, some girls have started wearing trousers, payjama etc i.e. male clothing. This is not right. Our ancestors had made distinct clothing for males and females which was right.

If the boys will start wearing salwar, shirt and stole, then anarchy will spread. There will be unrest due to non-identification of a girl and a boy. Therefore, clothing should be different and should not be a hinderance in doing work; should be comfortable while working.

For instance, girls and boys wear jeans which appear like plaster. Those of film industry should be requested through correspondence, and even such a law should be formed in which the film producers are unable to use any anti-social clothing.

7. Violence to living beings is a sin: –

To inspire the human society to not eat meat and to not commit violence against living beings and to make them familiar with the sin of violence to living beings.

  • Homicide:-

Some of our members were in Rohtak Jail for sometime under some false cases. There people, who were convicted in cases of committing a murder in a mutual fight or under the influence of some rogue, were crying and saying that one should not kill anyone. We have committed a huge mistake. After getting plundered by losing all the wealth in the courts, now we are serving sentence. The family members are crying. Instead of killing someone, it is better that someone kills us. That would be better. That would be a one time death, whereas the daily suffering here in the jail is more terrible than death.

Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti makes a polite request to the entire human society that you should yourself hear and make your children hear the spiritual knowledge. By this, the children and the youths will be saved from committing mistakes and will themselves live peacefully and will also let the civilised society live peacefully.

For this, read the book “Gyan Ganga”. To obtain the book free-of-cost, S.M.S. your full address on these contact numbers – 8684900300, 8684900400, 8685000300. The book will reach your address. The sermons of Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj are telecasted daily on Sadhna Channel for an hour at 7:45 pm. Listen to them and make your life successful.

8. By describing the demerits of misconduct (Adultery), to save the society from this vice.

  • The Sin of Adultery

Some of our members were in Rohtak Jail under false cases (the description of which is given in the book “Nyayalya Ki Girti Garima”). There they met many people who were serving sentence for the crime of rape. They were repenting. They were saying that our misfortune made us commit such a disgusting act. We do not have any respect in the society, and have also spent excessive money. Work has also stopped.

Now we are repenting a lot and now all women appear like sisters.

The devotees told that if you had listened to the sermon of Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj, then you would have thought about these things before committing the sin and would have been saved from the heinous sin and the suffering of the jail. Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj tells in his sermon that :-

Kabir, parnaari ko dekhiye, behan beti ke bhaav

Kah Kabir kaam naash ka, yahi sahaj upaay

  • Punishment to a Debauchee:-

It is a request of the Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti to the entire human society that there is a strict law against those who commit rape or sexually harrass women. Under this, even bail is not granted. One has to also serve a sentence for 15 years. To prevent oneself from the vices and to endow your children with moral values, listen to the sermons of Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj. This causes self-welfare, happiness in family and body, and one’s business also runs uninterrupted.

Please think, how will you feel if someone misbehaves with your sister-daughter?

Jaisa dard aapnae hovae, aisa jaan biraanae

9. The contemporary saints are imparting scripture-opposed knowledge and naam-mantra: –

We will request all the saints that you may give the proof of the sadhna-mantras given by you that they are evident in the scriptures. If they are not, then you should not waste the lives of the devotees. You must tell them that – our way of worship does not lead to salvation. The actual way of worship is with Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj, Satlok Ashram, Barwala, district-Hisar (Haryana). Take the burden of the disciples off your head.

  • To know about the scripture-based bhakti, please read book “Gyan Ganga” and watch Sadhna Channel every evening at 7:45pm.

10. To save one from crimes like Theft, Gambling etc on the basis of Spiritual Knowledge.

Kabir, maans bhakhae aur mad piye, dhan vaishya son khaay

Jua kheli chori karae, ant samoola jaay

  • A Thief Always Remains Unhappy:-

A thief stole an bull of a devotee farmer. The farmer had only one bull. Supreme God Kabir ji was the Guru ji of that farmer. When the farmer told Guru ji about the theft of the bull, Supreme God Kabir ji said, “Child! Have faith in God. Everything will become alright.”

Kabir, sat mat chhode shoorma, sat chhode pat jaay

sat ke baandhe lakshmi, fer milegi aay

The farmer bought a bull on credit. He sowed the seed in the field. By the grace of God, it rained well and on time. He had a good crop. The farmer bought another bull and also paid the loan of the first bull.

A year later, that same thief again stole the two bulls of that same farmer at night. The farmer again prayed to his Gurudev about the theft of the two bulls. Supreme God Kabr ji said, “Child! Don’t lose faith. Everything will become alright.”

Kabir, jo toku kanta bovae, taako bo tu phool

Tohe phool ke phool hain, vaako hai trishool

The farmer bought two bulls on credit and sowed the field. By the grace of the Supreme God, because of sufficient and timely rain, he had a good crop. The farmer paid the loan of the two bulls and bought two more bulls and cultivated more land. He also kept a servant (farmer).

A year later, that same thief went to that farmer’s house with the aim of theft. He had thought that the farmer would have no bull now. Nevertheless, let me have a look once. He saw that there are four bulls standing at the farmer’s house. Seeing this sight, the thief thought that I stole his three bulls and I do not have single penny. My son and wife have become ill. The money that I had obtained after selling those bulls got spent, and the farmer has four bulls tied at his house. This is astonishing.

The thief woke the farmer sleeping in his courtyard at night. The farmer said, “Who is it? Brother!” The thief said, “I am a thief.” The farmer thought that someone is playing a joke and said, “If you are a thief, then do your work. Let me sleep.” The thief said, “The work that I used to do, I do not feel like doing it now.”

“Oh farmer! I stole three of your bulls. I do not have even a single penny with me today. I also have some debt on me. Earlier, you had two bulls. Now I see that you have four bulls. I want to know its secret.”

The farmer said, “I have acquired a Guru. My Guru is complete. He has told me that those who steal get ruined. A living being only gets what is written in one’s fate. If someone acquires money by stealing, accepting bribe or by doing adulteration etc-2, then that money will not stay with him. Either his family members will become ill and the entire money will get spent or he himself will become ill and spend all the money. Stealing is a heinous sin. The money that is stolen never remains, only the sins remain. The sin that has been incurred by stealing has to be borne by the thief. He will become someone’s bull or buffalo or a cow and then pay his debt.

On hearing all this, the thief started trembling, and said, “Oh farmer! All this has happened to me. Please tell me the way of salvation. The farmer took that thief to his Guru ji and described the entire account. Guru ji said, “Child! It would be good if even now you mend yourself. God will forgive all your sins. Do bhakti and make your family also take initiation. The thief himself took initiation and made his family took it too.

The farmer gave him one bull saying, “You are also a farmer. Do farming.” The thief did farming and he had a good crop. The thief became a devotee. The devotee thief gave the money of the first three bulls and the bull which the farmer had willingly given to him to the devotee farmer. He asked for forgiveness for his misdeed.

The farmer said, “Devotee, God had given me the money of these bulls in that very year. You may donate all this money to Guru ji.” The thief turned devotee gave all the money to Guru ji. Guru ji spent it all on meritorious deed of Bhandara-Bhojan (common religious meal).

Gentlemen! If one could become rich by stealing, then everybody would become a thief. Therefore, having faith in God, do bhakti with a good intent, and also keep doing the work of your house, field, shop, job and business. God does not leave shortage of anything to a devotee who does scripture-based worship. God even terminates the punishment of the sins and makes a devotee happy. Therefore, save yourself from this criminal offence and lead a righteous life.

Gambling:- Those, who gamble or bet, get completely ruined. One only gets what is written in one’s fate. Therefore, quiting this sinful deeed, live your life in a virtuous manner. Taking initiation from Sant Rampal Das ji Maharaj, make your life blessed.