Dear Countrymen! Sant Rampal Das Ji Maharaj’s aim is that the people of our country be saved from vices and may lead a peaceful and pure life. They may do bhakti of Supreme God and like their forefathers, distribute fair share amongst each other. They may consider other’s mother, sister and daughter as their own. God says- “Par naari ko dekhiye, behan beti ke bhaav. Kahaen Kabir kaam naash ka, yahi sahaj upaay.” Meaning is that look upon another woman as your sister or daughter, so that the lust that arises on seeing another woman automatically ends. Sant Rampal ji is delivering the spiritual and social viewpoints of Supreme Saint and Supreme God Kabir ji to the people, so that the human beings becoming free from vices may do bhakti of God. Listening to the viewpoints of Sant Rampal Das ji, millions of people have given up all kinds of addictions. Quitting all vices, they are doing true bhakti and leading a pure life.

We are followers of Sant Rampal ji. In every village, you will find 2 to 20 families. Seeing them, you can get an idea whether they are good or bad. For a person becoming the disciple of Sant Rampal Das ji, the rules are that he/she: – 1. will not consume alcohol, meat, tobacco or any other intoxicants; 2. will not practice theft, adultery, bribery or fraud. 3. Foeticide is prohibited. 4. Accepting and giving dowry is prohibited. 5. Do not have to do ostentation in marriages; singing and dancing is forbidden. In total, there are 21 such rules. One who follows these can take initiation.

Sant Rampal Das ji’s slogan is: –

Our Race is Living Being, Mankind is our religion

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate religion

We respect the constitution, Judiciary and the Legislature of India. We respect all the noble citizens and have the aim of reforming the distorted society. Therefore, we have formed the “Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti”. We have taken initiation after listening and understanding the viewpoints of Sant Rampal ji, and have resolved to support him in his objective of making the poor people of India free from vices and rich. We have vowed to give any sacrifice for this. We are ready to give any sacrifice for this if needed.

Great Change

If thoughts will change, actions will change too.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] Only 5+10=15 percent of the people have benefited from the independence of the country. In particular, 5 percent benefit the most. Those 5 percent people of India’s population are: – Corrupt politicians, corrupt administrative officials and workers, corrupt officers and workers of other departments, those who practice adulteration, factory owners and corrupt judges.

Since India’s independence in 1947 till now (2015), the prime ministers of India have been honest. But only the honesty of the prime minister is not sufficient. For example, Respected Shri Manmohan Singh, the Former Prime Minister, was himself honest, but the disaster that the other ministers caused is evident. There was an allegation on one of the ministers that he did a scam of 1,75,000 Crore (one lakh seventy-five thousand crore rupees). The minister even had to go to jail. Then he got a bail. There are thousands of such scams in the Central and the State governments, which have not come to light.

This is the reason for the poverty in the country because tax is taken from the poor people. By misusing it, the corrupt politicians, corrupt officials and workers and corrupt judges put them into their pockets. We consider it to be essential to clarify here that all the politicians, officials, workers and judges are not corrupt, but the corrupt ones are in majority. A corrupt minister after bungling hundreds of billions of rupees, by giving crores of rupees to a corrupt judge as bribe, gets acquitted.

For example, the recent decisions given by the courts which have come to the fore: – 1. A lower court announced a 5 year sentence to actor Salman Khan. The same day High Court granted him bail.

2. A lower court announced a 4 year sentence and imposed a hefty fine on Jayalalitha, Chief Minister (Tamil Nadu State) and sent her to Jail. A month later, she got bail and three-four months later she was acquitted by the High Court. We say that either the Judge of the lower court is corrupt or the judge of the High Court is corrupt. It is natural to have this doubt due to the two kinds of decisions given in one case. Responsibility and accountability of the Judges will have to be established.

Solution: – On listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Das ji, all the people of India will become free from vices. Let alone taking bribe, they will start donating ten percent of their virtuous earnings.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of the people of India are poor. The abovementioned 5 percent are acquiring the most of the country’s wealth. Ten percent (10%) are employees who work in government or non-government organisations or factories. They appear to be rich superficially, but after the 15th day of a month, they consider themselves to be poor.

A great change is near. After that even the poor people of the country will become rich.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] Just as the government pays all the expenses on the illness of government officials, employees and their families, after the change the government will pay the expenses of the illnesses of every citizen in the remaining 85 percent population.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] Every citizen who is in the remaining 85 percent will also get a grant of 5 thousand rupees each month which will be increased as per rate of inflation.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] The effective formula for “Beti Bachao-Beti Padaao”: – On the birth of a daughter, from that very day a grant of 5 thousand rupees will start getting deposited in that daughter’s account which will be increased on an average as per the rate of inflation. It will be separate to the grant of 5 thousand rupees given to every citizen i.e., one will get the grant of five thousand rupees per citizen apart from this. That savings account will remain separate. When a daughter will reach the age (18 years) of marriage, she will have approximately 21 lakh rupees in her savings account because the grant will keep increasing (in 18 years, the grant will increase to 15 thousand per month, so on an average it will be (5+15)/2=10 thousand rupees per month. In one year, it will be one lakh twenty thousand and in 18 years it becomes 21.60 lakh rupees.) Neither will the father worry about the daughter’s marriage, nor about the dowry. The in-laws will take the daughter will folded hands. They will keep their daughter-in-law with great love and affection. The family member will pay for the education of the daughter from the grant money. In this way, a daughter will study and be saved.

A question will arise that these are castles in the air; how can this be possible?

Answer: – Like, the amount of a scam done by a minister has been mentioned above as 1 lakh 75 thousand crore rupees, from which 29 crore 16 lakh 66 thousand 666 people (29,16,66,666 persons)  can be given a grant of 5 thousand rupees per month for a year. Thousands of such scams will stop. Businessmen will learn that their wealth will not go with them, meritorious acts will. They have billions of rupees with them. They have bungalows and cars worth millions. Death is certain, then becoming a dog, he will crave to enter that bungalow. Then that merchant will give donation to “Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti” for the poor brothers and sisters of his country that will be used for the welfare of the 85 percent of the poor people. Thus, India will become an affluent country of the world.

A question will arise that will you form the government?

Answer: – No. Whoever has it in his/her destiny may form the government. We will make that Chief Minister and Prime Minister listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Das ji and will request them to grant us a clean administration. We will also offer support in running the government. The only function of a government is to provide electricity, water, construction of roads, and to maintain law and order. These continue even after doing the scams. We will make the government use the scam money for making the poor people rich. We will compel the government to perform tasks of public interest and to remain on track because we will have the support of 85 percent of the people of the country.

Please think: – 1. The expenditure on illness will end. 2. The expenditure on intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco etc will end. 3. The expenditure on dowry will end. Then automatically the people of the country will become rich.

A question will arise that the public will become shirker by this?

Answer: – No. There are also expenses relating to food, clothes, electricity and water. People will work wholeheartedly for that because when they will become tension-free, they will be more interested to work and moreover the desire to accumulate wealth is also innate. Becoming free from tensions, every Indian citizen will lead a respectable life and will also do bhakti.

Important: – The abovementioned grant and other facilities will only be given to those who will do bhakti of God and will remain away from all the vices.

Appeal to the brothers-sisters in Media: – If you want to see India as the Golden bird and the Jagat Guru (Universal Guru), then cooperate with us. Media has played a key role in damaging the Indian culture, in promoting the malpractices, and in promoting the clothes which make the youth ashamed and in promoting the arbitrary marriage practices.

For example, giving the news of homosexual marriage itself is like hurting the culture. If a person commits a mistake in a village or a city, then a civilised person does not let his children know about it. He does not propagate it. What is the media doing? If an incident has taken place against our culture or customs in Nigeria, media publicises it in India – “This country supported homosexual marriage; these many homosexual marriages have taken place there!”. This has an ill-effect on one or the other youth and then it propagates. Similarly, so much splendour is shown in marriages in the movies – big band instruments, D.J, the girl is laden with jewellery, there are separate make-up centres – this had its ill-effects on the common man. As a result of which, it is now not easy to marry off daughters.

Now Media itself can play a key role in reforming our culture and the time for reformation has also come. If the Media is a true well-wisher of the country, they should broadcast the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Das ji for one year on their respective channels and the print media should publish it. Then see how the dream of the previously mentioned grant, the expenditure on illness and the Beti Bachao, Beti padaao gets fulfilled.

It is a request to the Media and the intellectual society that you may watch the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Das ji on our website and may download them. Website is- www.jagatgururampalji.org. You can also download the media files of the spiritual discourses and books from this website. First, the Media should watch them and then help in the publicity.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] Because of not properly understanding Sant Rampal Das ji, due to some reasons he has been misunderstood and misrepresented.

Example: – There was an advertisement of a bus in a newspaper. An uneducated person held the newspaper upside-down. Another uneducated person thought that he is educated and asked, “Is there any special news?” He got the answer that disaster has befallen. A bus has toppled over. Don’t know how many may have died? An educated person overheard this conversation and he put the newspaper straight and told that the bus has not toppled over. It is written that it is very useful and affordable. Media personnel and majority of the Indians are educated. Please understand the reality of Sant Rampal Das ji and make the other innocent and misled public understand it, and cooperate in their welfare.

A question will arise that the provision of facilities that has been mentioned earlier, no government seems to be capable of doing this, rather it seems impossible. This is just an imagination.

The answer is that the media correctly presented and showed the voice against corruption, oppression and injustice that arose from Barwala uptill 16-11-2014. It had shown that from 14-11-2014, the police disconnected the electricity and the water line of Satlok Ashram. But on 18-11-2014, the police ruthlessly beat the media persons and broke their cameras. After that, due to fear, they published only one-sided false news propagated by the administration. Some undercover C.I.D. person of S.P. Hisar was present in the ashram. He accidently dropped his mobile in the Barwala Ashram which was found by bhagats in the ashram. In it, there was a message addressed to the S.P which read, that today on 18-11-2014, the media persons agreed to support the administration. Thereafter the wrong news that got published, the earth may split!

The motive behind publishing false news: – The police killed six followers of the ashram. When they kept the followers hungry and thirsty for many days, people’s sympathy towards ashram grew. The government got scared that if the people start supporting them, their evil deeds will get exposed. Therefore, they maligned Sant Rampal ji and the ashram. We had voluntarily left the ashram. If those things would have been present in our ashram, we had enough time to destroy those things which the administration had itself planted in the ashram and mispropagated in the media. Nevertheless, the media had to say the truth that it is amazed to see the arrangements in the Satlok Ashram Barwala. There is food material that could sustain one lakh people for six months in stock in the ashram. There are seven roti-making machines, massive woks, and large clay stoves.

Even the government cannot make such arrangements for the whole of India. Food, drinks, facility for bathing, stay during the satsang, 30 thousand quilts; the entire arrangement is free-of-cost.

Please think: – The task which even the government cannot do, the followers of Sant Rampal Das ji were doing that task by his inspiration. Then, can they not do it for all the people of India?

The attendants of Satlok Ashram consider the devotees, who come from near and far off places to listen to satsang, as their brothers and sisters. They first feed the people coming to the ashram and make them relax, and then feed themselves and take rest. The entire expenditure is done by the donations made by the devotees. Sant Rampal ji preaches way of worship in accordance with the scriptures. As a result of which God gives numerous benefits to the devotees. In Gita Chapter 3 Verse 10 to 15, it is stated that one who donates according to the ordinances of the scriptures, God gives excessive benefits to him/her. Those, who do not do charity, are thieves of bhakti. The followers of Sant Rampal ji are familiar with this.

Now we will tell you a recent true story of a benefit gained by a sister: –

There is a sister from village Lala Rohrai, district Rewari, who is a disciple of Sant Rampal Das ji. Her husband used to oppose her. He himself used to consume alcohol. Their financial situation was not good. Subsistence was difficult. That sister needed one thousand rupees. She asked her husband, “I have some money. If you have 400 rupees, then please give me.” Her husband said, “In that Almirah, there are 150 notes of ten rupees each, that is, there are 1500 rupees. Take them from there.” When that sister saw the notes, she found that there were 15 notes of a thousand rupees each. She told her husband, “These are 15 thousand rupees. From where did you get them?” Her husband said, “It has been many years since I have seen 15 thousand rupees at a time. This is a miracle of your Guru ji. This is a miracle of your Kabir God.” He came and counted the notes four times and checked them from both sides. He quit alcohol and took initiation. That sister gave an interview in a Satsang in the Satlok Ashram and told all the devotees present there about it. She also donated 5 thousand rupees from them. Those notes were of a thousand rupees each. They seemed like they had been printed that very day. Such incidents have taken place with lakhs of devotees associated with Satlok Ashram in many different ways. Then those devotees donate and serve in the satsangs with great enthusiasm.

Gentlemen! Do not distrust. This is a true story. The history of the devotees in the past also testifies this that 1. Devotee Dhanna ji had fed millet seeds to some Sadhus and sowed pebbles in the field thinking that somebody might complain at his home that Dhanna ji has not sowed the seeds, and it might get checked. Vines of gourds that used to grow by itself in that region grew in the field. Every gourd was filled with millet seeds. Five k.g. millet came out of one gourd. There was a heap of it. 2. Draupadi had torn a nine inch cloth from her sari and given to a blind saint. Due to which, God extended her sari……… there are numerous such examples. 3. Narsi ji’s bhaat 4. Building Sudama’s palace etc, everybody knows about these.

Other examples: –

In Haryana’s elections, Chaudhary Devi Lal ji had declared that if you will make me the chief minister, I will give a pension of 100 rupees per month to the old people and will forgive the loan. This statement is of 1987 elections. Chaudhary Bansi Lal ji was the chief minister at that time. He had said that this is only propaganda to mislead everyone. Had this been possible, I would not have left this task for Shri Devi Lal; I would have myself done it. Journalists then asked Chaudhary Devi Lal that how will you do this task? He said, “When the people will make me the chief minister, I will write – “100 rupees pension to be given every month and the loan be forgiven” – and under that I will write “Devi Lal”. I will do it like this.”

Please think: – At that time it seemed that how will the government be able to spend this much, and at present those who claim to form the government are declaring to give two thousand rupees of old age pension, and currently 1200 rupees are being given. The 100 rupees of 1987 are equivalent to three thousand rupees of today. Our Satguru Dev Rampal Das ji has the aim of doing this social service outside politics through devoutness. Success is definite.

A question will arise that, will the “grant for daughter” be given even to those who appear to be rich, but after the 15th day of a month, consider themselves to be poor.

Answer – Yes. They will only get whatever will be deposited in her account from birth till 18 years of age. Will their parents and siblings also get the benefit of the grant? Yes, those who will be unemployed will be amongst those 85%.

A question will arise that one, whose daughter will be two or more years old when this scheme will commence, will also get the benefit of this scheme?

Answer will be that in that same month, the accounts of those daughters will open. When the time will come, all the rules will be properly formed.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] The office of Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti will be in every village, tehsil, and city. Reconciliation of any type of mutual row or dispute will be done in the same office. No devotee will be left to be crushed in the mill of courts.

A question will arise that this seems to be an impossible thing in the current Kalyug.

The answer is when the human society will listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal ji, their souls will become pure. Every human being will appear to be our own. They will learn that Kaurav-Pandavs died fighting for partition of property i.e. to obtain a part of the kingdom. That land has remained here. On this very earth, billions and trillions of people used to claim their possession. Everyone departed but the earth has stayed here. God gives more benefits than what is destined to a person who does bhakti. These kinds of thoughts will influence every person. Sant Rampal Das ji has resolved the disputes of several devotees by these viewpoints only. Now those devotees say that had we not gained knowledge or not obtained the refuge of God, we would have ruined ourselves by fighting. Today they are living happily. They are doing bhakti. They are leading a good life.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”span”] A person misappropriated another person’s 30 acres land by cheating him. That person left the village and went to the city for livelihood. He settled there. Then he started selling fruits as a street vendor. After some days, he opened a garment shop and became wealthy. He who had misappropriated the land turned insane and died. He had one son who became a victim of stroke and died suffering badly. His grandsons opened a transport company and suffered loss in truck business. They sold the entire land to pay the debt, and came on road. It became difficult for them to sustain themselves. When we will become familiar with the law of God, we will work under fear and will save ourselves from sins.

Fearful of the abovementioned tasks of social reform, the aforesaid 5 percent persons under a well-planned conspiracy caused the Barwala Kand, so that in the time to come, the Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti may not put restraint on them and their next generations like them are not devoid of sucking blood of the common people (85%).

Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti